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How to Take Photographs for a Landscape Image

NOTE: A landscape image will be a good choice for:

BEST: Foundation plantings on any side of the house.

BETTER: The borders of a patio, deck, or fence.

GOOD: The border of a path. In your photo, please indicate the ends of the area you want to plant (lawn chairs or standing people are good for that).

FAIR: Planting beds in wooded or grassy areas.

NOT GOOD: Sites with changes in grade (hills, slopes) in wooded or grassy areas.

If I am unable to design a landscape image with your photograph I will let you know immediately and refund your money.

Spaces that need measurements will be more appropriate for a landscape plan and image.

Complex spaces, especially ones with changes in grade, will need a designer to view and measure them in person.

1) Take a photo of the entire area that you want us to image. Leave some space around the outside. Sometimes it’s difficult to do this because there are trees in the way. You may have to take more than one photo, just do the best you can.

Example – A foundation planting for the front of a house.

2) Go to the left side of the house and take a photograph from the side of the area you want imaged.

3) Go to the right side of the house and take a photograph from the side of the area you want imaged.

*Be sure to include the walk and part of the driveway if you have one.

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